sábado, 10 de enero de 2015

I'm looking for a travel cruise

This year, as any other traveler cruises have searched many websites from search engines, travel, following offers, using search criteria and selecting some results up to the best choice for the family, stress, or Pocket...

But as a result of my interest in cruise travel, and in a moment of euphoria 2.0 I am raising the question: if I, as a user of the Internet, I am the center of all promotion and advertising of the companies with a presence on the Internet, would that I'm spending so long to plan and find a travel cruise? Having to filter out so many contents, results, conditions and prices 'from'.

Faced with the comparison of cruise travel, I will continue by positioning and promoting on the Internet my intention to purchase: 'look for a cruise trip', so are businesses and the environment online cruise travel agencies that contact me, talk with me through media and social channels (twitter, facebook, etc.) and do I get their travel proposals.

What I want is to plan my trip and who help me in my decision to purchase a cruise trip, so I assess the quality of the comments, messages, opinions, and reflejaré my opinion about travel cruises received proposals.

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